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Streamlining business processes

procurement and logistics

  • Customer requirements
  • Supply commitments
  • Requirements plan
  • Loadout instructions
  • Shipping notifications
  • Shipping analysis (planned/ actual, season to date)
  • EDI–submissions, stock on hand, despatch
  • Third party inventory

export management

  • Sales order and invoice processing
  • Sea and air loadouts
  • Multi-currency
  • Customer invoices
  • Confirmation reports
  • Shipment manifests
  • Freight forwarder summaries
  • Customer account sale processing
  • Indicative and final returns
  • Multi-user defined cost factors
  • Cost templates
  • Creditor reconciliation
  • Shipment margin analysis

import management

  • Multiple, user defined cost factors
  • Product costs are recorded automatically
  • Receipt of goods costs-Foreign currency product purchases, air/sea freight, customs, local cartage
  • Repack costs–Labour, packaging, labels etc
  • Allocate costs by weight, volume, unit, %CIF, %FOB
  • Creditor expense accrual and reconciliation
  • Foreign exchange ledger

local market management

  • Local shipments with ability to “pick” lines from stock
  • Purchase orders
  • Directs
  • Rapid load out via use of line/pallet numbers.
  • Orders entered By customer or product line
  • Local freight schedule (automatic allocation of freight charges)
  • Delivery dockets
  • Order confirmations
  • Cash sales
  • Chargeable equipment (crates/pallets) automatically charged and tracked (deposit or netting)
  • Netting reports - supplier and customer
  • Customer rebates
  • Inter-divisional/inter-company sales
  • Sundry charges
  • Crate/pallet credits
  • Credit/debit notes - credit//debits are applied to product lines

inventory management

  • Multiple locations
  • Flexible product code structure - class, variety, produce type, pack type, count/size/weight, other (brand/colour)
  • Line and pallet tracking (full audit of movements)
  • Multiple growers and sizes per pallet
  • Transfers
  • Purges
  • Repacks
  • Inventory analysis (receipts, on hand, movements)

supplier payments

  • Fixed, commission, purchase, pool
  • Advances (into coolstore, on loadout, interim)
  • Auto advance recovery and reconciliation reports
  • Buyer created tax invoices
  • Account sales
  • Industry levy deductions
  • Payments schedules and authorisation
  • Sundry recoveries

pool management

  • Unlimited number of pools
  • Pools defined by variety, market and pool number
  • Time pools, grower specific pools, market specific pools
  • Pool status (open, closed, complete)
  • Multiple user defined charge/cost factors
  • Standard charges can be set up by produce type
  • Standard charges can be over-ridden by pool as required
  • Charges can be calculated per kg, per unit or per pallet
  • Pools defined by variety, market and pool number
  • Charges maintenance will automatically be reflected in pool status
  • Charge analysis (by packhouse/coolstore/pool/product)
  • Multiple user defined charge/cost factors
  • Submissions – into coolstore or loadout
  • Multiple pools per submission
  • Submissions reconciliation by production run, load in or loadout reference
  • Adjustments/ Reversals identified separately
  • Multiple returns per pool and/ or submission
  • Indicative returns
  • Indicative exchange rates
  • Unlimited payments per pool
  • Advance, interim and finals
  • Payment rates entered per product per kg (allows for differential payments based on grade/treatment/size etc)
  • Payment totals automatically calculated per pool
  • Payment scheduler reports available to check details for cash flow analysis
  • Grower payment advices fully customisable
  • Payment analysis reports (by grower, product and/or pool – in detail or summary)
  • Submission reports
  • Pallet detail reports
  • Sale returns report
  • Pool status reports (surplus/deficit and status of each pool)

budgets and planning

  • Unlimited budgets and plans
  • By product, source, market and division
  • Volume and value
  • Budgeted margin
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Costs apportioned by sales or by month
  • Multiple report formats

sales analysis

  • Real-time “trading” analysis
  • Margin calculated on every line/ pallet sold
  • Analysis by period, product, market, customer, grower
  • Customer account sales analysis
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Costs apportioned by sales or by month
  • Multiple report formats

packer management

  • Planting schedules
  • Harvest schedules
  • Field bin traceability
  • Packing
  • Repacks
  • Quality control
  • Despatch
  • Declaration of conformity