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The SmartFresh application is fully integrated. No re-keying of information is required reducing errors. Single step correction of errors is possible (recover from supplier, adjust levies and crate/pallet charges) Fast results and real time analysis leads to increased profitability and better service.

The SmartFresh application provides specific fresh produce functionality. There is no need for manual processes around core trading (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, manual presentation of customer invoices and payment advices). Industry standard requirements provided for automatically (levies, equipment management).

Watertight controls lead to less shrinkage and wastage. Eliminate costly data entry errors and fraud. Responsibility placed on front line staff. Exceptions reported by trader. Estimated costs are calculated on each sale. These provide the ability to reconcile actual creditor invoices at a later stage (e.g. freight, packaging). Frees up the traders time from the approval process, it becomes an administrative function (managed by exception).

On line stock control reduces need for time consuming reconciliation processes. The margin of every sale is calculated as it is made. Actual and estimated costs are used. The trader knows immediately if a sale is profitable or not. Combined with stock control (quantity to sell), trader is able to monitor the current status of all lines and is aware of potential problems (i.e. old stock not sold, reducing sale prices, increased costs).

Build and maintain better supplier relationships by providing accurate and easy to use payment documentation. Provide instant query resolution due to on line access to all payment transactions (paid and to pay). Ability to analyse supplier volumes for selected periods. Provide supplier with accurate seasonal analysis (volumes, average returns). Highlight major suppliers, or those from which supplies are decreasing. Analyse profitability by supplier.

Build and maintain better customer relationships by providing accurate and easy to use sale/credit documentation. Present invoices/ statements in the formats required by the client. Provide instant query resolution via on line transaction inquiries. Analyse sales and margins by customer and market type.